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Egyptian cotton

We can confidently say that Egyptian cotton is one of the most luxurious and durable fabrics on the market. It is grown only in one particular place – the temperate climate and fertile soils of the Delta Nile. Its original name is gossypium barbadense, also known as extra long cotton. The growing conditions here are so perfect that cotton has evolved over time to create longer and longer fibres, which is a significant advantage because it means that the thread made of fibres is thinner than other types of cotton, and this in turn results in the possibility of creating products with more threads. The method of harvesting Egyptian cotton is also important, because it is harvested by hand, thanks to which we obtain a guarantee of the highest level of purity. Contrary to the mechanical picking of cotton, where there is a lot of pressure, the fibres are not overloaded, so they remain straight and intact. These fibres can be longer to form very fine threads that allow yarn to be produced without losing length, giving the cotton a stronger and softer, unlike regular cotton.

For centuries, Egyptian cotton was considered the best in the world and dominated as one of Egypt’s greatest competitive advantages. Egyptian cotton products tend to be more expensive than standard cotton products, but the quality you get in return is worth it.

In addition to being incredibly durable and wonderfully soft, Clothes made of Egyptian cotton are less prone to lint or pilling. The material is perfectly breathable on hot days and insulates in winter.
The reputation of Egyptian cotton is so exquisite for a reason, and the specific characteristics that make it different from other natural fibres contribute to it. Here they are:

  • The fiber length allows you to get the best yarn without losing its strength
  • The strength of the fiber makes the fabrics more solid and more resistant to stretching
  • Its ability to absorb liquids gives Egyptian cotton fabrics deeper, brighter and more durable colors
  • Its softness is unlike any other natural fiber

All these factors make Egyptian cotton by far the best cotton in the world. Egyptian cotton fabrics are softer, softer and more durable than any other cotton in the world.

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