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How to Wear a Garter Belt with a Dress

How to wear a garter belt with a dress is the question many women ask themselves.

There are so many different types of suspender/garter belts available that it is quite hard to find out what fits you and your needs best. But at the end, this is exactly what we need, especially if we like to wear stockings in everyday life: A perfectly fitting, secure, and discreet garter belt/suspender belt. While I already introduced some concrete garter belts to you in this blogpost, I now want to tell you more about the different types of garter belts, and reveal which of them I like most, and which I can only recommend for the boudoir. 🙂





Garter belts are made to keep our stockings in place. Originally, by the way, both, men and women, wore garter belts. Only when at the end of the 18th century the long men’s stockings disappeared, garter belts became and almost women exclusive type of clothing.

Before tights and thigh-highs were launched, women had no other possibility to keep their stockings in place than wearing garters or a suspender belt. We usually differentiate between a garter and a garter belt.

While a garter is a kind of clothing comprising a narrow band of fabric fastened about the leg to keep up the stockings, a garter belt is a kind of belt worn around the waist/hips that has straps with clips, on which the stockings are attached to hold them up. Suspender belt, by the way, is a synonym to garter belt. As far as I’m concerned, the term suspender belt is mainly used in British Englisch, while in American English, the term garter belt is more common. As I’m from Costa Rica, I use both terms as a synonym here on my blog, so please don’t be confused. 😉


When buying a new garter belt, we should keep a few things in mind. Of course, I’m going to tell you what exactly I mean:

  • A garter belt must fit perfectly! I personally prefer garter belts worn at the natural waist (instead of the hips). The belt proportion should be fairly wide to provide a good anchor for your stockings. Very strechy, thin, or flimsy garter belts may be beautiful for the boudoir, but are usually not very appropriate for everyday life, as they tend to slip down under the weight of the stockings. Make sure your garter belt neither is too wide nor too tight to feel comfortable and secure!
  • When it comes to the garter straps/suspenders, I personally prefer if they are a bit wider, too. I personally like ones that are at least one centimetre wide. But I think this depends a bit on your personal perferences.
  • I recommend to choose a garter belt with hook-and-eye closure instead of a slip-on style, so your garter belt can be perfectly adjusted to your body.
  • When shopping online, make sure to check out the size chart of the brand. Often, sizes differ from country to country and brand to brand. As long as I looked at the size chart, though, I always found a perfectly fitting garter belt.



  • Before buying a new garter belt, think about when you want to wear the garter belt. If you, for example, wear stockings in everyday life, you may want to invest in a very comfortable, secure, and discreet garter belt. If you want to achieve a retro silhouette, you may prefer a garter belt with a shaping effect. Or maybe, you just want a lovely garter belt for the boudoir, like our Anemona luxury garter belt.


  • Make sure your garter belt is not too stretchy, because we all want our garter belt to hold our stockings securely, even when we are moving a lot.
  • The less seams, and decorative elements like lace, the more discreet is the garter belt. Especially underneath very tight and/or light dresses, you may want to choose a subtle garter belt.
  • Under light-coloured garments, I always recommend to wear a garter belt in a colour similar to your skin tone.
  • You can spend a fortune on lingerie! However, I believe a high-quality garter belt doesn’t have to be very expensive. To name a price, I would say if you roughly invest between 30 and 50 Euros, you already can get something good. There are also luxurious garter belts available that can cost up to several hunderts of Euros. But except of maybe looking very good, they do not create an added value to classy, more budget-friendly ones.

And like this is how to wear a garter belt with a dress.







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