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For citizens living outside the European Union (E.U.) and VAT registered businesses inside and outside the E.U., Secrets&Desires offers automatic TAX deduction when shopping.

Our prices have a 19% Romanian TAX supplement that will be deducted during check-out when entering the shipment address. The shipping fees for non-E.U. countries are already stated without TAX. You will find prices excluding TAX stated under the customer prices including TAX on the specific product pages.
In order for you to shop TAX-free at S&D it is neccessary that:

  • You are a citizen from outside the EU.
  • The parcel is actually shipped to a country outside the EU.
  • You are a VAT registered business, and your VAT number is accepted after a check during check-out.
  • The parcel is shipped to the business address corresponding to the VAT number.

Note, import duties may still apply with delivery outside the E.U., S&D can neither prevent that or predict how much it will be.




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